Covid-19 Treatment Option

Experiencing COVID-19 symptoms? Take swift action! Undergo testing. Seek treatment. Witness improvement. Treatment is most effective when initiated early.

  1. Testing is Crucial – It’s essential to undergo testing promptly upon experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, within five days of close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual (or earlier if symptoms arise), and both before and after traveling or attending large gatherings.
  2. Immediate Isolation – Without delay, isolate yourself if you exhibit symptoms or receive a positive test result. Head home and maintain physical distance from others. Even if you are asymptomatic, take all measures necessary to prevent virus transmission to others:

    Remain in isolation for a minimum of five days from the onset of symptoms (or from your test date if you were symptom-free).

  3. Consult a Riverview Medical Care Professional  Regarding Treatment – Effective COVID-19 treatments have the potential to diminish the viral load in your system, alleviate symptoms, and minimize the likelihood of hospitalization. The efficacy of treatment is maximized when initiated promptly after the onset of illness, underscoring the significance of immediate testing if symptoms manifest.

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